Tips for a college application essay

Most universities allow you to focus your admissions essay on a key event in your life that has impacted who you are today, and what makes you a unique candidate.

Keep in mind the following tips before you begin to write the essay.

  • What aspect of your life is extraordinary
  • Details of your life: such as family problems, people who influenced you, achievements, etc.
  • An obstacle and or difficulty you have had to overcome.
  • How have you helped your community?
  • Have you been a volunteer? How has that experience impacted you
  • What are your best qualities
  • What are your career goals and plans for the futures

Before you submit your essay makes sure to have a couple of people review it and make the edits necessary. Is important to have multiple people review the essay to make sure you are telling a concise and unique message. The statement should be 4-6 pages, not too short of too long.

Some universities will ask questions that require shorter answers typically 150 words. These questions are short and will focus on your interest in the school and the contributions that you will make to the University.

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