Etiquette Before, During and After the Interview

Arrive 15 minutes early, dressed professionally. Bring several copies of your resume and reference list. Be courteous. Remember that everyone you interact with in the office may be asked to evaluate you. Turn off your cell phone.

Speak naturally in a conversational tone. Relax; this is notan interrogation. Maintain eye contact during the interview. Avoid distracting expressions such as “ah,” “um,” “like,” and “you know.”

Use your hands naturally—refrain from waving them around. Watch your body language and shake hands firmly at both the initial meeting and the conclusion of the interview.

Show the employer that you are able and willing to do the job. Use brief examples that demonstrate how you have used your abilities and knowledge in the past. Convey your enjoyment in performing these tasks.

Be specific when discussing your abilities and accomplishments. For example, do not say, “I have good interpersonal skills.” Instead, say, “I have demonstrated strong interpersonal skills by working effectively with others, both in student clubs and in carrying out academic group projects.”

Never speak negatively about a former employer. If you have had a bad experience with a current or previous employer, refrain talking negatively about the employer. Instead describe what you learned from the experience and how it will help you in the future.

Remember to ask what the next phase of the selection process will be, what the hiring timeline will be, and who will contact you.

Send a thank-you email letter within 24 hours to each of your interviewers.

What to Wear

In general, wear neat and comfortable clothing. Try to avoid strong scented perfumes and colognes.

Suggestions for men:

  • A dark, conservative suit.
  • Ties should be silk and match with the attire
  • Remove earrings or other piercings, and cover tattoos if possible.

Suggestions for women:

  • Business attire
  • No tight or low-cut clothing
  • Avoid any big distractions like big jewelry, excessive make-up, or overly high heels
  • Subtle nail polish color

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