What you should know about proper behavior and responsibility on social networks.

The social networking sites have opened a new way we interact with people. Sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn allow us to keep in touch with friends, family, coworkers, and at the same time meet new people. Although this interaction is not in person, there are still social norms governing responsibility and appropriate behavior when using these services.

Pay Bills Online

Paying your bills online is easy. It frees up time, saves money and makes your life easier. You have several options when it comes to paying your bills online.

How to Set Up an Online Email Account

Email is an extremely important and effective communications tool online. There are numerous sites that provide free web based email-including Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. The following tutorials teach you how to create an email account.

How to stay safe online: Viruses, Identity Theft, Bullying and more

The internet has become an essential part of our day to day. It allows us to do many activities from the comfort of your own home, like shopping, paying bills, making bank transfers, renting and watching movies, and even being in contact with people living across the world. But despite all the positive aspects of the Internet, it is important to remember the potential risks that lie in this technology.

Setting up your Home Computer and Internet

Your Desktop Computer and/ or lap top should come with instructions for set-up and installation. The following guide serves as a supplement to your user guide that accompanies your computer.

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