Resume Tips

  1. Always proofread your resume. A typographical error will eliminate you from an interview list!
  2. If you are still in school, indicate the month and year you anticipate graduating.
  3. Show them; don’t just tell them. Use examples of your experience and achievements to demonstrate your qualifications.
  4. Include all paid and volunteer experiences.
  5. Be eloquent, explicit, and concise.
  6. Try to keep your resume to one page.
  7. Use “key words” in scannable resumes. Be sure to use key words that match what an employer wants. An employer searches for words that match the qualifications of a particular job. If your resume does not contain the key words for which an employer is searching, the scanner passes over your resume and you may no longer be a candidate for the position.
  8. Use Action Verbs. It makes a stronger impression
  9. Follow-up. It is important to follow up with employers to see if they received your resume, to find out where they are in the hiring process, and to ask if they would like a hard copy of your resume.

Headings for Standard Resume Sections:

Personal contact information: Name, Address, Phone, E-mail

Objective/Summary/Profile (optional). This is recommended for those with specific career goals.

Education/Training. Begin with the most recent degree you are pursuing or have earned. Include the degree level, major (and minor), institution, month and year of completion, and location with city and state. List additional degrees in reverse chronological order. You may choose to list your GPA if it is high.

Academic Scholarships/Honors/Awards. (Can also be included under Education)

Relevant Courses/Projects. (Can also be included under Education)

Experience. Employers consider experience, paid or unpaid, an integral part of your resume. Your experience section should highlight your accomplishments on the job and the skills you used.

Headings for Other Possible Sections:

Computer and Language Skills



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