Pay Bills Online

Paying your bills online is easy. It frees up time, saves money and makes your life easier. You have several options when it comes to paying your bills online.

There many different ways to pay your bills online. Three of the most popular ways are described here:

  • If you have an online bank account, you can enter information about who you want to pay (e.g., insurance, utilities, family members) and pay directly from your account.
  • You can go to the vendor and enter payment information (either credit card or checking account information) directly on their site.
  • Or you can use a third party payment system such as Pay Pal to store your account information and use it to pay. Third party sites often provide the option for you to accept payments as well.

There are also a number of free online websites that will help you set budgets and keep track of your expenses. One popular one is Keeping track of payments each month will help you track your expenses more effectively and help you to avoid overdrawing your account, save and set financial goals.

Below is a video tutorial about managing bills online.

When making an online payment be sure that you are on the official company or agency website.

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